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About Us

LAPDA provides courses, workshops, and other training opportunities for educators and human service providers on a year-round basis. The vast majority of LAPDA offerings are facilitated by a highly regarded field-based practitioner.

In addition, LAPDA provides customized contracted services for individual schools, districts, supervisory unions and human service organizations to help them meet their unique professional development needs. For example, contracted courses, action planning support, curriculum audits and meeting facilitation are related services that we can provide.

LAPDA has a long standing relationship with several higher education institutions, including the University of Vermont, the Vermont State Colleges, St. Michael’s College, Union Institute (Vermont College) and the Community College of Vermont. This relationship allows LAPDA to handle all the coordination of a training, taking that burden off the school or agency.

LAPDA is committed to collaborating with the VT Department of Education and the other ESA regions to create a vibrant statewide system of professional development across Vermont.

In December 2003, LAPDA was awarded a grant by the VT Department of Education to become the Educational Service Area (ESA) for the Central Vermont/Winooski Valley Region. The primary purpose of an ESA is to increase student learning and improve schools by providing high quality professional development to:

Enhance teacher content knowledge and pedagogy
Strengthen leadership development
Create vibrant school cultures and organizations
Develop partnerships with other professional development providers.