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Advanced Implementation of Multiplicative Reasoning through Algebra (Math Lab School) Grades 4-9

Appropriate for 4-9 educators
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Course Description:

This course provides follow-up support for teachers who have attending Math Lab School with Mahesh Sharma.  Through the course participants will deepen their understanding of milestones and learning progressions grades 5-8.     Participants will also develop instructional approaches to efficiently implement mathematical skills and concepts at the universal level.  Participants will also be provided with planning and instructional resources to support implementation.

Learning Outcomes:

•  Deepen understanding of fractions, integers and proportional reasoning and application of functions.
•  Strengthen knowledge of order of operations.
•  Explore the different properties of mathematics.
•  Investigate and analyze how students develop and use strategies for multiplicative and proportional reasoning.
•  Develop a variety of instructional strategies to support student learning.

Required Text: Nolan, Edward C., Juli K. Dixon, George J. Roy, and Janet B. Andreasen. Making Sense of Mathematics for Teaching. Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree, 2016. Print.