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Brain Gym 101


Brain Gym® 101 course

2 credits available through Union Institute & University

Who should attend:
general and special ed teachers, physical education / health teachers, administrators, guidance counselors,Support service providers: OT, SLP, parents, para-educators, life-long learners

Brain Gym® 101 is a required course for Brain Gym® Certification. No prerequisite.
Learning is a whole body event!

Brain Gym® presents 26 simple movements that in conjunction with a “balancing” format may:
* enhance learning readiness in children and adults with any ability level
* eliminate stress associated with learning
* promote integration of body and brain “communication” for peak performance in:
reading   writing   listening   fine motor skills    comprehension   communication   attitude     attention   gross motor and coordination

This powerful program can bring profound and positive change

In the Brain Gym® 101 course you will learn:
● 26 movements that stimulate to peak performance;
● Drawing Out model
● 5 steps Brain Gym® Action Balances including
setting individualized goals;
● noticing skills to enhance metacognition;
● noticing skills for assessment purposes;
● the three dimensions of performance –  Focus, Laterality, and Centering; dimensions of performance;
● the Dennison Laterality Re-Patterning Process (DLR) and 3-D Repatterning , for whole-brain integration to access and anchor new learning;
● 5 Principles of Movement-Based Learning:
Focus, Notice, Move to    Learn, and Interconnect;
● the Dynamic Brain and Triune Brain Theory;
● early developmental stages in connection with the
function of the three main parts of the brain;
● stress-Based vs. Movement-Based Learning;
● increase joy and creativity in everyday activities;
● empower yourself and others to meet any new challenge with confidence.
● Note: Written requirements for the 2 graduate
credits include journal writing based mostly on
experiences gained throughout the course.

Instructor: Zohara Zarfati, M.Ed., is a National Board Certified Teacher (NBPTS), Vermont-licensed Special Educator for grades k-12, and a licensed Brain Gym® instructor. Ms. Zarfati offers workshops and graduate courses in Educational Kinesiology and bibliotherapy,  in Vermont and neighboring states.
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