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Building Systems, Structures, and Strategies to Bring the CCSS to Routine Practice in EVERY Classroom Dr. Judy Carr, The Center for Curriculum Renewal (Common Core Adminstrative Series)

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2013-2014 Statewide Common Core Professional Development Series
The Vermont Professional Learning Network (PLN) (Champlain Valley Educator Development Center – Northern Vermont, Lamoille Area Professional Development Academy – Central Vermont, and Southeast Vermont Learning Collaborative – Southern Vermont) are pleased to announce that we are bringing Judy Carr to Vermont. Judy will facilitate the Common Core Administrative Series.

Common Core Administrative Series
The Common Core calls upon local administrators to employ instructional leadership at new levels as they tailor to their own setting the systems, structures, and strategies needed for in-depth implementation of the CCSS. Administrative Teams from all over Vermont will meet together November 20th, January 30th and May 22nd in a centralized location to plan together to lead this work.

Intended Audience: Superintendents with their team of curriculum director, principals, directors of special education; AOE, higher education personnel and independent consultants focused on instructional leadership. They will form a statewide learning community, meeting in person and connecting through ongoing, online dialogues and sharing between sessions. Blog posts will also keep principals and other administrators abreast of emerging supports, examples, and requirements for implementation of the CCSS.

• Session 1: Creating and Using a Leadership Team to Support Implementation of the CCSS
– How can we best build our leadership team to deepen instructional leadership for implementation of the CCSS?
– How does a leadership team connect with other teams in the school or district?
– What tools and protocols can help assure coaches are a strong part of a district’s and a school’s system of implementation?
– What does it mean to be the “Carrier of the Vision”
– What does instructional leadership look like in the context of the Common Core?

• Session 2: Common Core for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Literacy: Essential Considerations for Implementation As We Move Toward the Smarter Balanced Assessment
– What must be in routine use in all classrooms if all students are to be successful on the Smarter Balanced Assessment?
– What materials, resources, processes, and routines are essential to have in place at the classroom and school level?
– What are the “dos and don’ts” of test prep in the era of the Smarter Balanced Assessment?
– How can we be critical consumers as we move closer to full implementation of the Common Core State Standards for ELA, Math, and Literacy?

• Session 3: How Do I Know It When I See It?: Tying Teacher Evaluation and Walk-Throughs to the CCSS
– How can the language and expectations of our teacher evaluation tools be integrated with the shifts of the Common Core?
– What might teacher evaluation look like if it were truly and completely tied to the CCSS?
– What approaches are known to positively impact teacher performance in the classroom?
– How conversations about practice are best facilitated with teachers, and what kinds of feedback and recommendations can I make based on walk through data?

About the Instructor

Judy F. Carr is an ASCD Faculty Member as well as a senior consultant and leadership development coach with the Center for Curriculum Renewal. She works with schools and districts, as well as with state agencies and other educational organizations nationwide, to build systems to support high student performance through standards-based curriculum, instruction, and assessment design and implementation with a focus on the Common Core State Standards; leadership development and coaching for administrators, instructional coaches, and leadership teams; process facilitation and professional development workshops; data analysis and use; and program evaluation, collaborative data analysis, and curriculum audits.

Carr has extensive experience working with administrators and teacher leaders in grades preK–12 in highly interactive and engaging ways; though as a former middle school teacher, she has a special affinity for work at that level. Carr is known for her work in higher education and leading statewide projects, including the Vermont Middle Grades Initiative (funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York) and the development of Vermont’s first Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities. She was formerly assistant professor of secondary education and director of the Professional Development and Outreach Center at Trinity College (Vermont) and associate professor and scholar in residence in the Educational Leadership Program at the University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee. In 1995, she was recipient of the Second Annual Vermont ASCD Outstanding Education Leadership Award.

Carr’s work with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) includes working with BOCES organizations and with school and district leaders to build capacity for successful implementation; creating protocols, tools, and templates for district-wide design of scope and sequence documents and units of study tied directly to the CCSS; facilitating summer Leadership Institutes for school teams to plan strategic actions to bring the CCSS and data-driven instruction to routine use in all classrooms; and conducting professional development through interactive keynotes, workshops for teacher leaders, leadership seminars, and individual coaching with school and district administrators.