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Bullying and Beyond: Tools for Understanding and Engaging 21st Century Students as Dual Citizens

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Course Description:

The course title is a bit of a mouthful! So what do we mean by Beyond Bullying, and what do we mean by 21st Century Students as Dual Citizens?
Beyond bullying means understanding all the different ways bullying can be expressed, and the fact that bullying occurs not just in schools, but in homes, in all social arenas and in the workplace. In this course, we will be primarily focused on the bullying that occurs in school or as an extension of a student’s school activities. We will discuss how these behaviors, if not addressed, may persist into adulthood, and we will discuss the effect bullying has on the classroom environment and culture, and, of course, on the victims of bullying.
What do we mean by Students as Dual Citizens? We mean that 21st Century students participate heavily in 21st Century media, including multiple and ever-increasing avenues of social media and other interactive technologies, giving them instant communication with and access to friends, strangers and Internet websites. These communications and websites may be anonymous, dangerous or inappropriate for their age, or they may be tools to provide relevant, current and expansive information as well as entertainment. Today’s students are citizens in two worlds—the real world and the digital world. These worlds exist independently of one another, however, where they intersect, at their fingertips, is where we need new strategies to guide our students toward becoming good citizens in both worlds.

Instructor: Steven Dahl


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