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Co-Teaching & Differentiated Instruction: Essential Processes for Facilitating Access to the Core Curriculum with Rich Villa

Target Audience:
All Teachers, Special Educators,  Principals, Curriculum Directors

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2 Day Workshop Description

January 10, 2013  Day 1
 is two or more people – most frequently a general education teacher and a special education teacher – sharing responsibility for teaching all of the students assigned to a classroom.  It involves the equal distribution of responsibility among co-teachers for planning, instruction, and evaluation for a classroom of students.  Co-teaching is an option for providing differentiated and special instruction in an inclusive educational community.  The primary objective of the co-teaching model is to maximize student growth and achievement in a community of diverse learners.

January 11, 2013 Day 2
Differentiating Instruction
Access to the General Education Curriculum for All

Topics include approaches to differentiating the content students learn, the process through which they learn it, and how they demonstrate what they have learned. A Retrofit and a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach to differentiation will be learned, practiced, and viewed via DVD footage of actual classrooms.

Teams will have some planning time each day to do the exercises for real that we talk about and simulate during the day. Team planning time on day 2 will provide participants the opportunity to begin lesson planning for a co-taught differentiated lesson.  If planning for a lesson, you should bring some curricular materials.

About the Instructor

Dr. Richard A. Villa has worked with thousands of teachers and administrators both nationally and internationally to develop and implement organizational and instructional support systems for educating all students within general education settings. Rich has been a middle and high school classroom teacher, special educator, special education coordinator, pupil personnel services director, and director of instructional services. Rich works with schools, governmental and non-governmental agencies, and advocacy organizations. He has authored over a hundred articles and book chapters regarding inclusive education, differentiated instruction, collaborative planning and teaching, and school restructuring. Dr. Villa has
co-edited twelve books and developed three multimedia kits for teachers, administrators, and parents Rich is known for his enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and humorous style of presenting