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Co-Teaching to Meet the Needs of All Students This is a HYBRID Course


This 3 credit hybrid course is ideal for experienced or novice co-teaching pairs interested in learning about the research that supports the practice.  It is also appropriate for administrators looking to support co-teaching practices in their schools and districts.  The course will explore models of co-teaching as well as research-based practices used in collaborative classrooms.

About the Course:

Recognizing that good relationships are at the heart of successful co-teaching teams, this course will examine and explore strategies for working cohesively and effectively as a team.  While learning about different elements of and approaches to co-teaching, we will observe our individual teaching and planning styles, and learn how to integrate styles and skills with those of other teachers.  In particular, we will develop communication and collaborative skills through a variety of activities and exercises that can be used in the classroom.  Participants will develop co-taught lessons and will analyze them with instructors and colleagues during follow-up sessions.

Learning Outcomes & Competencies

The goals of this course are to prepare the participants to:
• Know, understand, evaluate, and practice co-teaching models and approaches
• Analyze communication and teaching styles of self and others
• Analyze and challenge assumptions and beliefs about the philosophy of inclusion
• Practice collaboration, communication, and interactive skills
• Learn and practice group leadership skills for an inclusion classroom
• Learn and practice effective strategies for dealing with conflict
• Apply concepts and effective collaboration strategies to classroom practice
• Create a method for reflective practice and continuing self-evaluation

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Know, understand, and practice co-teaching models and approaches
    2.  Develop sound co-teaching relationships based on research-based frameworks for collaboration
    3.  Integrate principles of differentiated instruction and assessment in co-teaching practice
    4.  Use student outcomes data to evaluate effectiveness of co-teaching model

About the Instructor:

Gabrielle Marquette received her M.Ed. from Saint Michael’s College in 2003 and is currently working towards her C.A.G.S. through Southern New Hampshire University with a focus on collaborative leadership.  She is a practicing special educator/ consulting teacher and has been co-teaching American Literature for ten years at Enosburg High School. She has been teaching  at The Community College of Vermont for seven years.  She is passionate about promoting education transformation in the public schools and student inclusion in regular education settings.