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Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar (Days 5-8)

Prerequisite: Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar Days 1-4

Course Description

Course description:
Cognitive Coaching is a research-based model that provides a collection of strategies and tools that:
•    enhances teacher effectiveness;
•    cultivates good questioning skills;
•    improves communication;
•    enables informed decision-making

Once learned, the skills of Cognitive CoachingSM transfer into a variety of professional settings, such as mentoring new teachers, peer coaching and formative supervision by administrators. The knowledge and skills of Cognitive CoachingSM can be used to enhance the capabilities of mentors and supervisors within existing school models.

What is Cognitive Coaching?

Cognitive Coaching was developed in 1984 by Art Costa and Bob Garmston. It is a model that enables teachers to think deeply about their teaching and reflect on their practice, thus continually improving it.
What does a Cognitive Coach do?

Rather than serving as an expert, the coach helps the educator to become self-managing, self-monitoring, and self-modifying by shining a spotlight on their thinking as they plan, reflect, and resolve educational issues.
What does the research say about Cognitive Coaching?

Teachers who are trained in Cognitive Coaching become more resourceful, think in more complex ways, are more satisfied with their choice of teaching as a profession, collaborate more, and increase in efficacy. In addition, student test scores increase and school cultures become more professional.

About the Instructor:
Susette Bollard has been in education for 28 years serving as a teacher, principal, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and now she is Superintendent at Orange North Supervisory Union. She is committed to schools working as professional learning communities to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of all students. Part of her responsibilities over the years has included mentoring/coaching teachers and principals. She began her training in Cognitive Coaching in 2005 and is now an Agency Trainerfor the Center for Cognitive Coaching