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Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

Objective:  Provide administrators and teachers with new skills and methods for handling conflict situations and collaborative arenas.

8 hours:
One 4-hour introduction session – April 15, 2013
Two 2-hour after school sessions – TBD

Session I: Setting the Context and Exploring Interests (4-hour)
A. “The Spiral of Unmanaged Conflict”
from Managing Public   Disputes
B. Introduction between Interests and Positions
C. Reflecting Positions, Summarizing, and Problem-Framing
D. Role-Playing Using Interests

Session II: Exploring Consensus Building (2-hour)
A. “The Diamond of Participatory Decision-Making”
B. Applying Interests to a Group Process
C. Practicing Consensus Building

Session III: Exploring Consensus Building (2-hour)
A. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Interest-Based Collaboration Process
B. Setting Standards
C. Gradients of Consensus

Carpenter, S. & W.J.D. Kennedy. Managing Public Disputes
Kaner, S., et al. The Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making

About the Instructor

Shane McAndrew has worked to improve conflict resolution systems in his role as teacher, mediator, facilitator, contract negotiator and union leader.  Shane has helped students, teachers, and community leaders build collaborative systems where people can have difficult and productive dialogues. Worked in U-32 School’s 9th Grade Academy for the past five years, he guides at-risk students as they transition into high school.  The bulk of Shane’s conflict interventionist work has been in the realm of collective bargaining.  As Co-President of his local teacher association, Negotiator, and Grievance Chair he has successfully improved the climate of conflict systems in his school and at the bargaining table. This includes, but isn’t limited to, initiating and facilitating interest-based conflict resolution practices into negotiations. Shane has his M.S, in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College.