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Connecting the Dots

Program sponsors:  
Vermont Department of Education, Vermont Principals’ Association, and VITA-Learn

A special dinner program for Vermont Principals and School Administrators who want to learn more about the technologies, applications, & resources available to them throughout Vermont.
FREE To the first 25 principals who register at each site.

 Program and Presenters:

Department of Education (co-sponsor)
Peter Drescher, the State Educational Technology Coordinator, will present current information about DOE and state work on projects that will affect your school, including Broadband, the state technology plan, and work towards oneto- one computing across the state.

Scopia Desktop
The Scopia Desktop is a free videoconferencing tool that is supported by the DOE through its Learning Networks of Vermont program. This tool is free to all Vermont Educators, and is capable of doing multi-user video meetings between as many as ten participants at a time. Bring a laptop with a video cam and you can be up and running on it in fifteen minutes.

Connecting the DOTS:  Transformation and Technology in Vermont Schools
The DOTS program is a Title II-D funded professional development program that has engaged over 250 teachers across the state over the past five years. The program focuses on using practical tools and pedagogy to bring classrooms into the 21st century. These teachers are likely in your district or close by, and can help you with transformation.

Vermont Virtual Learning Cooperative (VTVLC)
Jeff Renard, the director of VTVLC, will share current information about the opportunities for high school, middle school, special ed and credit recovery offered through the state’s online education cooperative. This will be an opportunity to provide input on future directions that can directly provide choices for your students.

Vermont Internet Safety Project
The Vermont Internet Safety Project ( is a DOE initiated website with resources for parents, teachers, and administrators related to current use and safety issues. Every school should have someone who keeps up with these topics, and connecting to these resources is a great way to get started.

VITA-Learn (co-sponsor)
VITA-Learn, the state educational technology organization, sponsors regional meetings for educators three or four times per year. Opportunities for professional development for you and teachers in your school are available through the VITA-Learn regions. Come meet your regional representative,
and hear about the latest topics being discussed in your region.

Vermont Principals Association (co-sponsor)
The Vermont Principals’ Association supports today’s school leaders in access to new technologies and their use as administrative tools. Attendees will learn about the current offerings and uses of I-Pads, and trainings designed to assist building and district leaders in the assessment and planning for 21st Century readiness and Common Core implementation.