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Creating a Proficient Citizenry: Social Studies in a Proficiency-Based Teaching and Learning Environment


Appropriate for 7-12 educators
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Course Description:

Educating students who will be proficient in the skills of citizenship is essential in the United States and the world.
Participants in this course will use their school’s Global Citizenship/Social Studies proficiency-based graduation requirements to design curriculum and develop pedagogy that will guide students to proficiency.
The model is based on a combination of Understanding by Design, Differentiated Instruction, the C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards, cognitive science, and concept-based instruction. Come with your most applicable units, learning opportunities, and evidence of learning that students have created in your classes. We will work collaboratively to develop, adapt and enhance them for a proficiency-based learning environment.

Kate Toland is a high school social studies teacher and the director of Unbound, the afterschool program for students in grades 5-12 at Peoples Academy. Kate has taught high school social studies in three different public schools, two in Vermont and one in New Hampshire. Throughout her career her focus has been on trying to design classrooms in which youth and adults work together to create collaborative and engaging environments that explore issues related to community, justice, culture, and power where the locus of control resides with the learner. She recently completed a year-long study on three Vermont teachers who have implemented proficiency-based learning in their classrooms and has been working for the last three years to develop social studies curriculum designed around PBL.