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Creative Movement and Folk Dance for Physical Education

Appropriate for:

Dance and movement educators
Classroom Teachers
Art Teachers

No music or dance background required.   Music teachers should instead take Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Level I.

Creative Movement & Folk Dance Brochure & Registration Form

Why should you take Creative Movement and Folk Dance?

•    Hands on instruction
•    Learn classroom-ready activities which you can implement immediately in your curriculum.
•    Study with a nationally known expert.
•    Earn graduate credit
•    Build your confidence in movement education.
•    Build a movement and dance vocabulary for teaching and enjoyment.
•    Make friends and network with educators from around the region.
•    Enhance your lifetime journey of personal and professional growth.
•    Have fun while doing all of this!

Creative movement

What is creative movement?  It involves using the elements of movement such as:
•    Levels (high, medium, low)
•    Paths (straight, curved, zig-zag, etc)
•    Locomotor (skip, hop, walk, grapevine)
•    Non-locomotor (bend, twist, stretch)
•    Texture: (unison, solo/group, etc)
•    Form
to create meaning and to promote physical and mental health.  Note that the goal here is for students to create meaning.  They can use movement to respond to artwork, a story, a piece of music, or just for fun – the possibilities are limitless.

By building your technique and confidence as an instructor you can unleash the power of creative movement in your classroom.

Folk Dance

Folk dances use the elements of movement in powerful, fundamental ways that speak to our most basic human needs and experiences.  They also provide students with a basic movement vocabulary that can be used for creative movement.
•    Add a multicultural dimension to your curriculum
•    Enhance your ability to integrate your lessons with the general classroom curriculum
•    Learn to teach American and World folk dances using simple, widely available methods.

About the Instructors

Movement Instructor – Dr. Connie Hale

•    Assistant Professor of Elementary Music Education at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC
•    Course Director and Movement Instructor for Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training at Winthrop   University
•    AOSA approved Teacher Trainer – Movement:  levels I & III, Recorder: level I
•    Studies at the Orff Institute (Salzburg), University of Memphis, Southern Methodist University
•    Publications include Orff arrangements and articles for the Orff Echo
•    Presenter at AOSA National Conference
•    Received the Kansas Outstanding Music Teacher Award in 2005

Course Director– Steve Owens

•    Teaches general music, band, orchestra and chorus at the Calais Elementary School and Sharon Elementary School in Vermont
•    Graduate education instructor for LAPDA
•    AOSA approved Teacher Trainer – Recorder: levels I & II
•    National Board Certified Teacher –Music/Early and Middle Childhood
•    MS in Music Education, Central Connecticut State University
•    Studies at the Orff Institute (Salzburg), University of Kentucky
•    Choral and band publications with Shawnee Press, chamber music publications with Alry Publications