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Diagnosis and Remediation of Math Problems with Mahesh Sharma – K-12 General SPED Workshop



Children experience mathematics learning difficulties for a variety of reasons including: dyscalculia, dyslexia, cognitive delay, delay in the development of key mathematics milestones, poor preparation in prerequisite skills and inappropriate learning experiences. In this workshop we will examine the role and impact of these factors on student learning. Some children with language related problems do not have problems in acquiring mathematical concepts and skills. Others can solve computational and spatial problems easily, but they may have difficulty with concepts and applications. Many others may have difficulty with language, concepts and procedures. As we know, some children have difficulty with both literacy and numeracy, the difficulties that the child experiences with reading and language acquisition some times begin to interfere with their ability to learn mathematical concepts. If they have difficulty receiving, comprehending and producing words, symbols and expressions properly, they will not be able to solve math problems involving complex language manipulation. These common problems often emerge early when number recognition and its manipulation is in the formative or foundational stages. Visual perception deficits often affect reading as well as basic number work. One can find examples of rotations, inversions, and distortions in the samples of mathematics work from children with common reading and mathematics difficulties. There fore, to truly understand a child’s difficulty learning arithmetic in order to ameliorate problems, it is important to understand both the nature and causes of these problems, and the appropriate methods of remediating and preventing these problems. In this workshop we will focus on problems related to dyscalculia, math anxiety and dyslexia related mathematics learning problems. We will also look at the nature of errors students make as a result of these problems.
More specifically we will focus on :
• Why some children experience profound difficulty in learning mathematics?
• The underlying nature of mathematics learning problems?
• How dyslexia and dyscalculia affect mathematics learning?
• What we do to improve mathematics learning for all?
• What parents can do to support their children’s mathematics learning?

About the Instructor

Mahesh Sharma is known for his groundbreaking work in mathematics education, he is an author, teacher and teacher-trainer, researcher, consultant to public and private schools, as well as a public lecturer. He is the Chief Editor of Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, an international, interdisciplinary, research mathematics journal with readership in more than 70 countries, and the editor of the Math Notebook, a practical source of information for parents and teachers devoted to improving teaching and learning for all children.