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Differentiated Instruction in the Mixed-Ability Classroom – Level 1

Appropriate for K-12 educators

Course Description

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The ability to differentiate curriculum for all students: those with advanced learning ability, those with learning disabilities, and those in the middle; is imperative in the mixed–ability classroom. This course will assist classroom teachers in learning how to automatically prepare specific learning opportunities for all the curriculum they use. It will assist program coordinators to coach teachers to utilize appropriate curriculum extensions. It will help administrators recognize the presence of extension opportunities as they supervise teachers. All participants will leave the class with several concrete strategies and products they will be able to use with their students.

Texts (choose at least 2):

Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom: Revised, Expanded, Updated Edition – Susan Winebrenner (Free Spirit Publishers, Minneapolis)

Teaching Kids with Learning Difficulties in the Regular Classroom: Revised and Updated Edition – Susan Winebrenner (Free Spirit Publishers, Minneapolis)

Differentiating Instruction in the Regular Classroom: How to Reach and Teach All Learners, Grades 3 – 12 – Diane Heacox (Free Spirit Publishers, Minneapolis)

About the Instructor

Judy Hart Rhoads has previousley worked for the Acceleration/Enrichment Coordinator (K–12) for the Geneva School District in Illinois. Judy graduated from Northern IL Univ. with a Bachelors & Masters degree. Her gifted verification certification was granted in 1989. She presently serves as an IL gifted verification trainer. Judy has been working for Susan Winebrenner’s “Education Consulting Service” for the past sixteen years, which allows her to teach courses like this one around the country.