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Enhancing Pedagogy with Technology

Appropriate for teachers of all Grades
* Maximum class size – 24 Participants

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About the course:

Global communication, collaboration, and creativity are integral components of the learning experiences for all students in the 21st Century. Course participants will gain a greater understanding of effective teaching practices using technology. We will reference The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, the Common Core, and the Vermont Technology Grade Expectations. The course will follow a  hands-on, workshop format and require participants to explore new technology tools and share their observations with other course participants. Course participants will apply the pedagogy gained through the workshops to their content knowledge and past experiences to create or update and adapt a standards-based unit and lesson plans that exemplify best practice and attributes of 21st century classrooms; interdisciplinary, inquiry-based, and following the Understanding by Design format. The Essential Question of this course is, “How can I improve student learning by integrating technology in a unit using current best practices?” Participants will develop the basic essentials of their units, including identifying their Enduring Understanding, Essential Questions, content learning objectives and effective technology integration. Prior experience with technology integration is not required, but participants must be willing to explore new tools, to make mistakes and learn from them, to get frustrated and persevere and to be open-minded to new experiences and expectations for themselves and their students!

Important Information:

 *      You do not need a Ipad for this course, you can use a Ipad or a Laptop

About the Instructors 

Lauren Chabot is the Librarian and Technology Integration Specialist at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier, VT.  She collaborates on a daily basis with the teachers and students to effectively integrate information literacy skills and technology into the core curriculum.  In addition, Lauren provides advice and assistance to further the learning needs of teachers and students, including tech support, professional development, training, policy and budget support. Lauren has considerable experience as a presenter at various state conferences and has shared her expertise with other educators at Dynamic Landscapes, various Vermont library association conferences, and a LAPDA academy workshop.

Jeffrey Jarrad has taught at the college, high school and elementary school levels. He carries Vermont teaching endorsements in Social Studies, Mathematics and Educational Technology. He is the Technology Teacher and Technology Integration Specialist at Union Elementary School in Montpelier, Vermont. He currently teaches classes in computing, assists teachers to integrate technology into their curricula, and provides workshops and mentoring for teachers to increase their knowledge of computer and Web 2.0 skills. He manages the School’s Joomla-based website. Jeffrey holds degrees in anthropology and mathematics and can relate to teachers of all disciplines to incorporate 21st Century information literacy skills into their content areas. He has presented workshops and training in various topics and disciplines, most recently “Google Apps for Social Studies” for the Vermont Alliance for Social Studies.