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Giving Directives Students Will Follow

The Constructive Discipline Series
Workshop proposal Giving Directives #1

Workshop Description:

This skills-based workshop will help you learn how to quickly end power struggles and gain cooperation from resistive students and how to implement a classroom management plan and discipline policy with clear expectations for student behavior.

This workshop is part of the Constructive Discipline Series, consisting of four workshops, Giving Directives That Students Will Follow, Stopping Disruptive Behavior, Conducting the Parent Conference, and Rights and Responsibilities in the Disciplinary Process offered separately and as a group, is derived from Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory of behavior. Dr. Glasser is the founder of the William Glasser Institute and has published many books and articles where he details his theories and provides much supporting data on the efficacy of his approach. His approach is self-empowering and emphasizes the individual’s own responsibility. The Constructive Discipline Series uses techniques that are used in the field of education as well as in the area public service and corporate management. The courses are designed specifically for teachers and paraprofessionals in the classroom.

Instructor: Dr. Barbara Casey, Ed.D.