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Goin’ Google for Educators

This Course is appropriate for all educators. The 3-credit option will include a self-designed project and teacher teams are encouraged to attend

About this Course:

In this 5-day hands-on course, participants
will examine a variety of free Google tools
to enhance productivity, creativity, and
technology integration in the classroom.

The course includes:

  • Advanced Google search techniques to improve student research
  • Productivity tools including iGoogle, Google Calendar, Google teacher tools and resources
  • Google Docs for creating, sharing, and collaborating with students on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • Google Forms for online surveys and quizzes
  • Google Earth across content areas
  • Google Sites for easy website creation

Required Readings and Materials:

There are several readings that will be published this spring and those are indicated as ‘TBA.’ Since the topic of 21st c learning and Google tools changes rapidly, there could be some potential changes in this list.

Friedman,  Thomas L. The World Is Flat NY: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 2007.  “Chapter 1:  While I Was Sleeping.” (Handout)

International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE).  NETS for Students (2007).

International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE). NETS for Teachers (2008)

International Standards for Technology Education (ISTE), NETS for Administrators (2009)

Jacobs, Heidi Hays. TBA (Handout)

November, Allan. TBA (Handout)

Partnership for 21st Century Skills. Framework for 21st Century Learning. 2009.

Prensky, Marc. TBA (Handout)

Vermont Transformation & Technology:  A New Way of Learning: Classroom Scenarios (2010)

Linda McSweeney is a ‘Digital Immigrant’ who took her first computer course in 1982 at Rutgers University where she received her master’s degree in Library and Information Studies. Since then she has directed the Reference and Law Division at the Department of Libraries, has been an academic librarian at VTC and Norwich University, and is currently the School Media Specialist at Spaulding High School in Barre, VT. Past president of the Vermont Library Association, her conference presentations and research interests include academic integrity, information literacy, and Web 2.0 applications.