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Google Tools for Personalized Learning

Join LAPDA and Linda McSweeney  at E. Montpelier Elementary School


State-of-the-Art Professional Learning on the Google Suite of Tools.

Begins September 23, 2017



Course Description:

Today’s classrooms are all about creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. We will use Google Suite applications to transform teaching practice and promote creativity and innovation to prepare students for living and working in a global, technology rich world.

This is a blended learning course with 32.5 hours of face-to-face meetings and an additional 5 hr. online module component.

Participants will bring their own laptop or Chromebook with charging cord. IF YOU ARE USING A SCHOOL DEVICE, you will need to contact your Technology Director to:

  • make sure there is no blocking software installed on the device
  • that the device will be able to connect on another school’s network
  • and that you will be able to log in to a personal (non-school) Gmail account on the device

Each participant will also need a cell phone or digital camera to take photos and videos for use in class.


Course Goals

Participants will:

● develop  their technology skills using Google tools for teaching and learning
● meet national educational standards including Common Core and National Educational Technology Standards (NETS)
● use Google tools to modify lesson plans with respect to the SAMR Scale
● examine Google Suite with respect to Vermont Act 77 Flexible Pathways to Graduation Personal Learning Plans
● explore Google Suite to improve productivity in learning environments & reflect on transforming teaching practices
● create an innovative final project using multiple Google Suite tools to meet national standards reflect on transforming teaching practice


The course includes:

  • Customizing Chrome, Gmail and Calendar with a variety of extensions to enhance learning and productivity.
  • Understanding and organizing Good Drive to support classroom instruction
  • Google docs and advanced features including the use of Add- Ons for creating, sharing and collaborating with students on documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • Using Google Keep for classroom note-taking
  • Google Forms, including the new quiz feature, and introduction to survey design theory
  • The “new” Google Sites personalized portfolio creation and/or classroom website design
  • Creating a You Tube Channel and Playlists to support curriculum and instruction.
  • An online module with Advanced Google Searching to improve student research skills.

To Be Completed Prior to the First Day of Class:

To make best use of face­ to ­face class time, it’s important to complete the following prior to our first day.
1. Create a personal Google Account if you don’t already have one. This will be in place of a Google school account you might already have (since some schools do not make the full suite of Google apps available). Bring your username and password with you on the first day.
2. If using a school-­owned Chromebook or laptop, verify with your IT specialist that you have permission to connect to wifi for the class at E.Montpelier and that no sites are blocked (for example YouTube, Google+)
3. Strongly consider obtaining or borrowing a wireless mouse.


Kelley, Kern and Austin Taylor.  The Google Apps Guidebook: Lessons, Activities, and Projects Created by Students for Teachers.  EdTech Team Press, 2016. (Available in paperback from Amazon ($24.86) or Kindle version ($9.97)


Linda McSweeney
Linda has over 30 years as an academic and school librarian. A graduate of Dickinson College and Rutgers University, her passion is providing professional learning for digital educators.  She has taught graduate level courses on Virtual Library Design, Web 2.0 applications, and of course, Google Apps. As the GEG Vermont Coordinator, she is a frequent presenter at ed tech and library conferences in Vermont and has presented at Google Summits in New England.