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Improving Math Instruction Refresher Day

Prerequisite: Improving Math Instruction: Using Vertical Acceleration Workshop


This past summer, LAPDA continued to offer the extremely popular Improving Math Instruction: Using Vertical Acceleration with Mahesh Sharma. Once again the participants from the region expressed interest in a followup session in the spring to review the content covered in the weeklong course. In response to the recent survey, LAPDA will offer a one day refresher open to anyone who has taken the week-long course in 2005 or 2006. This course is currently being designed based on the results of the recent survey – the day will be tailored to meet the needs of the group. Please check our website for the latest updates. This class is available to all teachers who have taken the weeklong Improving Math Instruction course and place!

About the Instructor

Professor Mahesh Sharma, former President of Cambridge College, is an internationally recognized expert in the psychology of mathematics learning. He has worked in the field of mathematics education for over 30 years, and his teaching has inspired the creation of the Mathematics Institute.