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Instructional Practice in Improving Comprehension and Other Reading Processes

Course Description:

This course will enable teachers to extend their theoretical and practical understanding of the ways to support children’s reading comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary in  grades  three through grade 12. Using theoretical frameworks, students will investigate comprehension skills and strategies by identifying and matching the demands of text with the multiple needs of emergent to fluent readers. Students will develop competencies in current literacy practices such as  Interactive Read Aloud, Think Aloud, Guided Reading, and Questioning the Author. In addition, they will analyze the ways in which teaching reading comprehension strategies empowers children to be independent readers. Teachers will be able to use the strategies demonstrated in this course with all learners.

Course Goals/Objectives:

Course Objectives:
Participants in this course will acquire increased understanding of the following:
● Research associated with reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition;
● Implementation of reading comprehension strategies in the literacy block;
● Learners as active participants in the comprehension process;
● Integration of assessment and instruction;
● Current perspectives on teaching critical literacy, media literacy, and computer literacy to highlight the importance of information conveyed through popular culture, images and song.

Course Requirements:
● Class attendance and participation;
● Demonstrate a comprehension strategy;
● Write a summary and analysis of a professional book on the topic of reading comprehension to share with the class;
● With a partner create and analyze a series of reading comprehension mini-lessons for a group of learners.

Teaching Reading Comprehension Processes 3rd Edition. Judith Westphal Irwin
Nourishing Vocabulary: Balancing Words in Learning.Shira Lubliner, Judith A. Scott
In addition on line resources with be  made available throughout the semester. Learners are also encouraged and expected to seek out readings relevant to their own individual inquiry.

About the Instructor

Linda Hunter  – Linda has been a teacher, special educator, and Literacy Specialist (grades k-5) in Morrisville for the past twenty-five years. Linda has taught courses at St. Michael’s college and LAPA.

Judith Newman – Jude has been a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and curriculum director. She currently is serving in the Morrisville School District as a Literacy Specialist for grades 6-12. Jude has taught courses at UVM and Union Institute.