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Integrating Art to Support the Curriculum in the Regular Classroom

Workshop Description:

Students will learn to use Understanding by Design to create curriculum that starts with the big ideas and then moves to activities that will support those ideas. To increase the opportunities for differentiated instruction for all students (those with advanced learning ability, those with learning difficulties, and those in the middle), class participants will learn how to create meaningful visual art projects that will support their curriculum. Choice of art projects will be driven by participants’ curriculums. Participants will have a repertoire of art projects they can draw on when designing future units.

Activities for each session will include reading the assigned chapters from the required course texts as well as attending and participating in class lectures, demonstrations, discussions, art projects, curriculum planning times and review sessions.
All participants will leave the class with completed curriculum and products they will be able to use with their students. Art projects will not depend on participant’s artistic ability, but will be accessible to all.

Course Topics and Objectives
1. Understand how to combine UbD, DI and arts integration to support students and the curriculum
2. Expanding strategy repertoires for including meaningful visual art projects to support the big ideas of the unit
3. Expanding repertoires of flexible approaches to content, instruction and products by adding meaningful visual art projects while establishing a learner-responsive, teacher-facilitated classroom
4. Use UbD and DI strategies to incorporate meaningful visual artistic expression that challenge and motivate struggling students to achieve proficiency in the required standards
5. Use UbD to incorporate clear, quality evaluation criteria for the assessment of differentiated instruction and multiple paths to learning

* Participant must purchase textbook
Integrating Differentiated Insturction and Understanding by Design: Tomlinson, C.A. & McTighe, J: 2006 Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


About the Instructor

Jeneane Lunn
Jeneane Lunn has been an artist and teacher for over 25 years. As well
as attending the Art Students League of NY, Lunn has a masters in
education and is licensed in both art and special education. She is a
Nationally Board Certified Art Teacher with eleven years experience
teaching art at U32, working with students with special needs and
combining her skills to reach students at different levels