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Introduction to 3D Printing

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Corse Description:

A printer in the traditional sense prints ink onto paper in 2 dimensions. A 3D printer creates a physical three dimensional model out of plastic (and other materials as well). If you can design it, you can print it! In this workshop, you will be introduced to the 3D
printer and the tools needed to get up and running! We will cover types of 3D printers and the state of 3D printing. We will also cover introductory software as well as how to incorporate 3D printing into almost any class/discipline/or project. Revolutionary?
3D printing is changing the way industry and manufacturing works, and has potential implications for everything from day to day living to space travel. It is the ultimate expression of personalization, and fits into almost any curriculum or academic class.

Details about this workshop
To introduce educators to 3D printing and the potential it has to personalize education for students as well as what it means in a broader societal and workplace context. Educators will leave with a suite of tools and skills to be able to get started incorporating 3D
printing into their curriculums, as well as their own designed and printed part.

About the Instructor:
Greg Young is an educator with 10+ years of experience in both
traditional and non-traditional high schools. He has worked as a high
school science teacher, and also as an advisor at the Met School. He
is currently teaching pre-engineering and STE(A)M classes at the Green
Mountain Technology and Career Center. He has served as the VT State
Liaison for the New England Secondary Schools Consortium, as well as
an instructional coach in Big Picture Learning schools in VT and
around the country. Greg holds a masters degree in Ecological Teaching
and Learning from Lesley University, and is a ‘small’ paper away from
a PhD in Education from the University of Rhode Island.