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Introduction to CCSS Mathematics for Grades 9-12

About this Course:

Vermont’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) presents an exciting opportunity to review our current practice and curriculum.  The adoption will be a transition, not an event.  As we go through the transition, students will move through the CCSS pipeline, resulting in better prepared students ready to take on the rigorous Grade 9 – 12 standards which prepare them for college and careers.

While there is a shift in focus in the Standards for Mathematical Content, another equally important shift is the focus on Standards for Mathematical Practice.  The Practice Standards consist of eight “habits” or “ways of approaching math” that students are expected to internalize and make their own.  The Practice Standards define the habits of mind that the STUDENTS (not the teachers) need to exhibit in their own practice.  The challenge for teachers is to include in their instructional bag of tricks ways to continually reinforce the building of these habits in their students.

After an introduction to the Standards for Mathematical Practice, the Content Standards will be discussed with the Practice Standards as a constant subtext. This course is not designed to serve as a lab for designing a curriculum map, however participants will have the opportunity to develop a unit involving at least one Content Standard and Practice Standard.

The class will meet for five days in July, where participants will begin a team project that involves creating a unit that reflects at least one Content Standard and one Practice Standard.  Participants who would like to earn 3 Graduate Credits will return in the fall for a 5-hour session in which teams will present their unit and all participants will discuss how they have implemented the CCSS Standards of Mathematical Practice into their instruction.

About the Instructor:

Elaine Watson, Ed.D. served as a high school math teacher for 16 years and an administrator for 9 years.  Her last 6 years as an administrator was in a PreK – 5 setting.  As a result, she has a unique perspective on how math concepts and skills unfold over all of the grades K – 12.  As an independent math consultant for the past 3 years, Elaine has worked in many schools in Vermont as well as nationally.  Her focus for the past year has been introducing the Common Core State Standards to teachers.  She has done extensive research on the standards and most recently attended a workshop for leaders implementing professional development on CCSS sponsored by The Institute for Mathematics & Education at the University of Arizona in Tucson.