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Learning Focused Interactions

Target Audience:  teachers, mentors, content coaches, administrators

Course Description:

For years I have believed in the power of mentoring, building capacity within our schools and supervision and evaluation systems that support professional growth – in other words, the power of adults helping adults.  I have participated in developing and supporting systems that focus on these goals but have also come to believe we have missed an important component that is critical to success.  We have not systematically provided the adults in these supportive roles the communication tools necessary to form relationships that lead to more self-directed/reflective practices.  My workshop explores adults as learners and provides participants with tools that promote reflection and complex thinking. They include
• Exploring adult development and its role in supporting colleagues
• Looking at the difference between trust and rapport; when and how to use them
• Using paraphrasing with intention to promote thinking
• Constructing questions that mediate thinking
• Learning structured conversational maps for planning and reflection
•Raising awareness of the continuum of roles supporters play in a learning focused relationship

About the Instructor

Susette Bollard has been in education for 30 years serving as a teacher, principal, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and now she is Superintendent at Orange North Supervisory Union. She is committed to schools working as professional learning communities to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of all students. Part of her responsibilities over the years has included mentoring/coaching teachers and principals based on the work of Art Costa, Bob Garmston, Roland Barth, Megan Tsachannen-Moran, Laura Lipton and Bruce Wellman. She began her training in Cognitive Coaching in 2005 and is now an Agency Trainerfor the Center for Cognitive Coaching