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Managing for Today, Leading for Tomorrow

This is the kick-off event for on-going Leadership PD that will continue with the VPA in August at the LeadershipAcademy. Follow up by the co-sponsors will occur next year.

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Workshop Description:

Our education systems face technical and cultural challenges, and the solutions for each are different. Aligning an entire system to focus on student achievement in the 21st century requires a shift in the way we work as well as the culture within the system. During the morning session, Ray will share strategies and tools used by rapidly improving and transforming systems.

Accomplishing the above requires that we elicit superior work from our people, meet ever rising expectations for academic performance, satisfy increasing constituent demands, and, on top of all that, prepare for the greater challenges that lie ahead. With these emerging challenges, Ray will spend the afternoon discussing three distinct skill sets needed to build leadership density into your system: Divergent Skills, Delivery Skills, and Discovery Skills.