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Math Lab School: Diagnosis and Remediation of Learning Problems in Mathematics Grades K-6 Edmunds

Appropriate for grade k-6 Teachers, Special Educators,
Math Specialists

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Course Description:

Most mathematics, classroom, and special education teachers have very little understanding or training in diagnosing and remediating mathematics learning problems, particularly the specific mathematics problems such as dyscalculia and mathematics anxiety. When so many children have difficulty in learning mathematics it is important for teachers to know how children learn mathematics, why learning problems occur and what they can do to help children learn mathematics more effectively. The goal of this course is to provide that information and training. The principles that guide this course are rooted in learning theories, special education, mathematics teaching and learning, and clinical practice in working with children and adults with learning problems in mathematics. In this course we will focus on mathematics learning problems, and specific disabilities such as dyscalculia. Therefore, teachers will examine and understand:
• How children learn key mathematics concepts, skills, and procedures;
• Cognitive and affective skills and key processes important to effective and efficient learning and teaching of mathematics;
•  The impact of individual cognitive strategies and mathematics learning personalities on learning and teaching of mathematics;
• The nature of learning difficulties, problems and disabilities in mathematics that include dyscalculia, mathematics anxiety and mathematics problems due to dyslexia and dyspraxia;
• Remedial strategies for key mathematical processes and procedures in mathematics (number conceptualization, place value, fractions, integers, algebra, and spatial sense); and
• Diagnostic and remedial instruction profiles of students using the principles and practices learned in the course.

More specifically we will focus on:
• Why some children experience profound difficulty in learning mathematics?
• The underlying nature of mathematics learning problems?
• How dyslexia and dyscalculia affect mathematics learning?
• What we do to improve mathematics learning for all?
• What parents can do to support their children’s mathematics learning?
• Giving teachers the opportunity to work directly with students to apply their new mathematics learning in a math lab school setting

About the Instructor

Mahesh Sharma is known for his groundbreaking work in mathematics education, he is an author, teacher and teacher-trainer, researcher, consultant to public and private schools, as well as a public lecturer. He is the Chief Editor of Focus on Learning Problems in Mathematics, an international, interdisciplinary, research mathematics journal with readership in more than 70 countries, and the editor of the Math Notebook, a practical source of information for parents and teachers devoted to improving teaching and learning for all children.