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Mathematical Modeling for Secondary Teachers – ONLINE COURSE

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Course Description
This hybrid course provides an introduction in mathematical modeling as described in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The Mathematical Practice Standards of the Common Core emphasis the study and application of applied mathematics and the utilization of the modeling process to expand student understanding of mathematics. Topics will include the modeling process, the modeling cycle, and modeling statistics.

Introduction to Mathematical Modeling
• Develop a deep understanding of the CCSS emphasis of modeling and the progression of modeling from kindergarten through high school, including statistical models.
• Enrich high school learning opportunities and problem solving based on an understanding of the mathematical modeling.

Introduction to the Modeling Process
• Understand the modeling process and apply the modeling process within high school mathematics instructional practices.

Teachers will 
• collect and analyze student work of the modeling process to unearth and address common errors and misconceptions in the mathematical content which underlies the models.
• create, implement and share targeted instruction to support student learning in the development of the modeling process as well as in the problem solving strategies in which students need to model to understand.
• will investigate how to use modeling as a means to collect data around student understanding.
• will use the Common Core State Standards to guide the development of teaching and learning strategies.

Vermont PLN Online Courses or Hybrid Courses have assignments due throughout the length of the course.  These don’t require you to be online at a specific time, but to get the work completed during a specific time-frame.  Please check with course instructor or syllabus for more specific information.