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Mathematics Leadership Support Systems (MLSS) K-8 Part 2

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Prerequisite: MLSS Part 1

Course Description:

This course is Part 2 for a group of math teacher leaders who participated in Part 1 during the 2009-10 school year. It will continue with the same format as last year which consists of a seminar series and a practicum, building upon and expanding on the goals and objectives of the first part. The seminar series and practicum will focus on new important mathematical topics and the research related to how students develop mathematical understanding, common errors that students make and develop strategies for implementing a lesson study approach to supporting instructional improvement.

MLSS Goals and Objectives::

  • Participants will become familiar with mathematical research about how students learn and understand mathematical concepts related to aspects of rational numbers, algebraic reasoning, proportionality, measurement, and geometry.
    • Participants will use knowledge of research to analyze student work with related research in mind.
    • Participants will analyze how these mathematical ideas develop across k – 8.
    • Participants will expand the lesson study protocol in their schools.
    • Participants will support the implementation of formative assessment strategies in their schools through their lesson study protocol.
    • Participants will support the use of effective instructional strategies (e.g., questioning, use of student solutions, student engagement, and formative assessment) in their schools through their lesson study protocol.
    • Participants will become familiar with and brainstorm strategies to deal with current issues/topics in math education

 About the Instructors

Marge Petit is an independent educational consultant focusing on mathematics instruction and assessment. Marge’s primary work is supporting the development and implementation of the Vermont Mathematics Partnership Ongoing Assessment Project (OGAP) formative assessment project. Marge brings to this work nearly two decades of research and development in standards-based restructuring efforts at the classroom, district, state and national levels, and 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher primarily in mathematics and science. Her experience in the implementation of a standards-based system extends from the classroom, to research and development in assessment and instruction, to state and national level policy.

Beth Hulbert is the K-8 Mathematics Coordinator for Barre Supervisory Union. She is on the OGAP design team, and has developed and is currently implementing a Grades 1 – 5 Math Intervention model in Barre City. Beth also teaches courses in math content, pedagogy, and assessment for LAPDA and a number of other institutions. Beth received the 1992 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and was awarded a Fulbright Award in 1999. She received her M.Ed. in Mathematics Education from the University of Vermont.