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Nimble Transitioning: Integrating Response to Intervention, Professional Learning Communities and Differentiating Instruction to Improve Teacher Effectiveness and Student Outcomes

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Course Description

The world of the teacher has certainly changed over the past several decades, and in particular over the past few years. The days of “independent contractors” – teachers who close their door and engage in their own practice with limited accountability to whether or not their students are learning – are behind us. In the place of that old culture, a new era of teacher evaluation processes requires that teachers now show authentic measurement(s) of student learning as a component of their overall effectiveness, de-privatize their practice, and align to a number of standards frameworks (e.g., instructional, professional teaching, technology, etc.).

This transition can be terrifying to teachers who have been considered excellent for years. In fact, veteran teachers with 20+ years of experience may have 20+ evaluations at the highest rating possible and find themselves losing sleep at night over their evaluation for the first time in a long time. It is very difficult to be considered at the top of your profession for years only to be told that “the game has changed” and “you are no longer considered proficient”.

Conversely, if you are a new or nearly-new teacher (2-5 years’ experience) you are seemingly expected to perform at the same level as educators who have the benefit of 20+ years of learning their craft, working with learners with complex needs, and developing a sense of professional gravity (so to speak) so that at least some things are nailed down!

It is not an understatement to say that most (if not all!) educators are attempting to find their sense of professional equilibrium!

Instructor: Erich Bolz

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