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Northern Lights Orff Workshop

About the Course:

Intended for teachers and others interested in music and movement education, this course will offer a brief overview of Orff Schulwerk process. Through experiencing workshops with Orff master teachers  and experiencing hands-on examples of process teaching, we will explore new ways of teaching and learning music and  discover resources for further exploration of the Orff approach.

Work for this course will include reflective writing to help participants consolidate their new insights.  Class participation is essential – we’re going to have a lot of fun!


•    Become familiar with the work of several Orff master teachers.
•    Experience the materials and process of Orff Schulwerk.
•    Help participants make informed decisions regarding possible future professional development in Orff Schulwerk.

Learning Outcomes:

The student will:
•    Understand the concept of process teaching.
•    Create music through speech, movement, singing, instrument playing, and improvisation.
•    Reflect on how Orff Schulwerk can contribute to his/her own teaching practice.

About the Instructor
Steve Owens teaches general and instrumental music at the Calais Elementary School and the Sharon Elementary School.  He has a master’s degree in music education from Central Connecticut State University.  He has Level 3 Orff Schulwerk training as well as advanced work in Orff curriculum and drama and has participated in the International Summer Course at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, Austria.  His Orff recorder instructors include Vivien Murray and Cindy Hall.  A flutist and composer, he has band and choral publications with Shawnee Press and chamber music with Alry Publications.