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OGAP – Additive Reasoning or Multiplicative Reasoning

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OGAP Additive Reasoning is open to grade K-2 educators
OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning is open to grades 3-5 educators

This professional learning opportunity is open to grade level or cross grade level teams from schools in the Northeast Kingdom. Math leaders/coaches, special educators, ELL instructors, and math interventionists from participating schools are encouraged to attend.

Course Description:
Participants will receive 4 days of professional development in the specific topic area in which they register. Specifically:
1) The use of formative assessment in general and OGAP specifically
2) The mathematics education research on how students learn math concepts, common errors, and pre-conceptions or misconceptions that may interfere with learning new concepts or solving related problems
3) Related math content
4) The research underpinning the OGAP Frameworks and Progressions for each math topic.
5) Use of OGAP materials and resources
6) Link of OGAP learning progressions and math education research to the CCSSM as well as math programs and instructional materials

Participants also receive:
1) Electronic access to OGAP item banks of formative assessment questions for the related math topic
2) The related OGAP Framework and Progression
3) For OGAP Multiplicative Reasoning participant receive A Focus on Multiplication and Division: Bringing Research to the Classroom (Hulbert, Petit, Ebby, Cunningham, & Laird, in press 2017)

*Additive Reasoning Participants MUST purchase Text:  Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K- 3, Jessica Shumway, 2011. Stenhouse Publisher.

Mathematics Math Leaders/coaches also receive:
1) Four additional days of professional development distributed throughout the 2017-2018 school year are available to math leaders and coaches.

School Level Participation Commitment:
1) Participants implement OGAP formative assessment system in their classrooms.
2) Districts provide school level teams time to conduct OGAP PLCs in order to support the effective implementation of the OGAP formative assessment system in their classrooms

All OGAP professional learning experiences are designed to support the implementation of the OGAP formative assessment system. To learn more about OGAP go to