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Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Level 1

Appropriate for:
•    Music educators
•    Dance and movement educators
•    Elementary Classroom Teachers and Art Teachers (with course director approval – requires basic music notation)
•    Pre-service music teachers (receive a certificate of completion for Introduction to Orff Schulwerk)
•    Also for teachers who have previously taken Level I – a refresher with new instructors!

Brochure and Registration

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About This Workshop

Orff Schulwerk is the pedagogical approach to music education pioneered by the composers Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman in the mid 20th century.   The Schulwerk is one of the great philosophies of general music education practiced in the United States along with Kodaly, Dalcroze and Gordon Learning Theory.  Orff Schulwerk provides a framework for creating musical learning experiences for children.  Through the five Orff media of speech, singing, movement, instrument playing and active listening, children playfully and joyously explore the elements of music and construct meaning from these elements.
In the United States, Canada and Australia, certification in Orff Schulwerk is offered through 3 levels courses.  Levels Courses are the primary means of Orff Schulwerk training in the United States, as set out in the Guidelines of the American Orff Schulwerk Association.  LAPDA’s level I course has been approved by the American Orff Schulwerk Association and qualifies the participant to advance to approved level II courses anywhere in the country.  Level I teacher training gives a teacher the basic tools to use the Orff-Schulwerk approach in the classroom.  We plan to offer an approved level II in 2011.

Levels courses involve 4 components:

Basic  (3 hours of instruction per day)

Orff pedagogy
Rhythmic and melodic training
Pentatonic scales
Ostinato and simple bordun accompaniments
Elemental forms
o  Orchestration in elemental style
•    Movement  (75 minutes of instruction per day)
o  Elements of movement, acquisition of movement / dance Vocabulary
o  Development of improvisational Skills
o  Movement / Dance pedagogy
o  Building the participant’s personal comfort and artistry in movement and dance
•    Recorder  (60 minutes per day)
o  Use of the recorder for teaching the elements of music in an Orff context.
o  Building the participant’s personal artistry in soprano recorder performance
•    Special Topics (60+ minutes per day)
o  Workshops on special interest topics led either by course instructors or special guests
o  Synthesis – course instructors team teach musical experiences integrating elements of Basic,

About the instruments:

Orff Schulwerk is perhaps best known for the Instrumentarium, the specialized collection of xylophones, glockenspiels and metalophones often used in Orff classrooms.  These are quite expensive.  The LAPDA Orff Teacher Training instructors are aware of resource limitations that music teachers in the small rural schools of northern New England and the Adirondacks can experience.  While you will come away knowing what to do with the Orff instruments, we will also make it a point to assure that you can deliver successful Orff based instruction with few or no instruments.  In addition, we will equip you with practical strategies for starting your school’s instrumentarium, including information about funding sources and community advocacy.

Movement and Recorder.
The 62.5 contact hours exceed AOSA requirements as set forth in the Guidelines for Orff Schulwerk Teacher Education Courses and are sufficient for earning 4 graduate credits

About the Instructors

Basic Instructor – Tim Purdum

•    Teaches elementary music and middle school choirs in Independence, IA.
•    AOSA approved Teacher Trainer – Basic and Recorder
•    Apprenticed with Sophia Lopez-Ibor at the San Francisco School
•    National Board Certified Teacher – Music/Early and Middle Childhood
•    Masters in Composition, Longy School of Music
•    Teaches Level I Basic at Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea, OH
•    Presenter at AOSA National Conference
•    Newsletter Editor, Webmaster, and former President of the First Iowa Orff Chapter.

Movement Instructor – Dr. Connie Hale

•    Assistant Professor of Elementary Music Education at Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC
•    Course Director and Movement Instructor for Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training at Winthrop   University
•    AOSA approved Teacher Trainer – Movement:  levels I & III, Recorder: level I
•    Studies at the Orff Institute (Salzburg), University of Memphis, Southern Methodist University
•    Publications include Orff arrangements and articles for the Orff Echo
•    Presenter at AOSA National Conference
•    Received the Kansas Outstanding Music Teacher Award in 2005

Recorder Instructor and Course Director– Steve Owens

•    Teaches general music, band, orchestra and chorus at the Calais Elementary School and Sharon Elementary School in Vermont
•    Graduate education instructor for LAPDA
•    AOSA approved Teacher Trainer – Recorder: levels I & II
•    National Board Certified Teacher –Music/Early and Middle Childhood
•    MS in Music Education, Central Connecticut State University
•    Studies at the Orff Institute (Salzburg), University of Kentucky
•    Choral and band publications with Shawnee Press, chamber music publications with Alry Publications