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Preparing for National Board Certification

Course Description:

This course is designed to help participants complete the portfolio entries required for National Board Certification in individual content areas. National Board Certification is the most comprehensive professional development experience available to teachers. Participants will analyze and reflect upon their current teaching practices in relation to these rigorous standards for their individual grade levels and content areas. Candidates may also opt to use the Take One option for certification.

Course Goals/Objectives:

  1. Through the study of the NBTS standards students will determine the knowledge and skills valued in the standards and relate their classroom practice to that knowledge and those skills.
  2. Students will determine the effectiveness of their teaching practice in relation to the National Board standards, students will determine the effectiveness of their practice in meeting the challenges of a diverse student population.
  3. Through research on best practices, discussions with colleagues and project presentation, student will identify areas for their professional growth.
  4. Students will use the above to prepare their National Board Portfolio for submission to the National Board.

About the Instructors

Maggie Eaton has been teaching Middle School language arts for 30 years. She currently serves as a state literacy network leader, and is the U-32 Middle School Curriculum Coordinator. Maggie received her National Board Certifi cation in ELA in 2001.

Dan Greene has been a school librarian for the last 12 years. He co-teaches the Information Technology Course at UVM and is a regular presenter at the Vermont Library Conference. Dan served on the Stated Dept of Education Advisory Panel for Library Media Standards and is a past president of the Vermont School Library Associaton. He achieved National Board Certification in 2005.