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Promethean Board: Using for More Than “Just a Whiteboard”

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Appropriate for grade K-12 educators



-Must know some basics of Promethean use
-Must have laptop (with up-to-date Virus Protection) to use for each class (we will download ActivInspire the first day of class).

Course Description:

This course will provide beginner Promethean users with a solid next step into the use of the Promethean Board. Through lecture, readings, hands-on experience, practice, and reflection, participants will learn advanced strategies for creating, organizing, saving, and sharing engaging flipcharts that will directly tie into each participants lesson plans. In addition, use of online resources and other extraneous technology devices (ie. Flip camera and Elmo/Ziggy) will be introduced. Participants will be expected to use these devices and resources to assist in developing high interest, current, content rich, and Common-Core aligned flipcharts.

With the influx of Promethean Boards in many schools in the State of Vermont, this course is designed to ensure that teachers are provided with the training and resources needed to utilize the Promethean Boards to provide 21st Century instruction.


Course Goals and Objectives:

• Participants will develop an understanding of the structure of Promethean Software and desktop organization so they can readily access, save for long- term use, edit, revise, embed, share, etc.

• Participants will seamlessly enhance their daily instruction using technology by:

• Gaining a deeper understanding of how to navigate through and utilize the more advanced techniques and tools of the Promethean Board, such as: shapes, text, annotating over desktop, camera tool, incorporating resource library, and resource packs, etc.

• Becoming fluent in the use of additional multimedia resources, such as: Elmo/Ziggy, online videos, and pictures, also videos from a Flipcamera (or comparable).

• Participants will engage in the learning, discussions, and hands-on practice of skills necessary for the purpose of:

• Developing and organizing goal specific, interactive, and engaging flipcharts.

• Examining flipcharts participants have created in relation to lesson goals, possible assessment, student engagement. Also, analyzing process to discover successes, struggles, next steps.

• Analyzing the impact a flipchart, being shared by others in the class, may have on student’s learning, as well as, use for teacher in regards to objective of lesson, student’s understanding and
possible assessment opportunities.

* Participants will reflect and discuss the importance of the use of technology in our classrooms by comparing students use in school vs outside of school. In addition, they will research how to encourage and implement more uses through the Promethean Board, ie, Writer’s Project, Video-conferencing, etc.

Course Requirements:

Attendance and active participation at all classes
Reading and reflecting on all assigned material
Become skilled in the use of ActivInspire and other multimedia resources
Create flipcharts through analysis and breaking down current curriculum create goal specific, engaging/interactive lessons that include assessments
Complete and organized journal that will be a resource for future use
Presentation of final project


About the Instructor:

Lorraine Morris is a literacy teacher at Barre City Elementary School. She received her BA in Education from Norwich University and her Master’s Degree with a focus of Curriculum and Instruction from Lyndon College. Her interest in technology led her to several Teacher Leader positions in her school, leading professional development and supporting her colleagues technology education. In addition, she has presented at workshops, and professional development in Literacy instruction, focusing on developing rich and consistent vocabulary instruction and promoting analytical literature discussions through literature circles.