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How to Reach Struggling Literacy learners: Tier 2 Strategies

Target Audience: 4-9 Educators

Course Description

How to Reach Struggling Literacy Learners! Is designed to provide teachers with the background knowledge and applicable intervention strategies to reach struggling learners. The class will explore the relationship between current research on struggling learners, assessment, technology and the application of differentiated strategies for students who learn differently and need multi-sensory learning approaches to increase their literacy foundation skills. Balanced literacy Instruction will be explored through a structured language model to provide students with a solid literacy foundation. Instruction is based on current research and will provide teachers with building a respectful classroom environment that promotes students self-esteem and dignity.

Course Objective
1. To develop a rationale and a framework on literacy research and instructional content.
2. To apply knowledge of the reading and writing process in an intervention learning environment to include a variety of strategies and approaches to meet the needs of different learners.
3. To improve knowledge and the ability to assess student’s strengths and weaknesses using a variety of differentiated assessments.
4. To increase common language and vocabulary on the five components of reading and employ a variety of strategies for struggling adolescent learners.
5. To create a curriculum to enhance students’ literacy skills and abilities based on evidence from student assessments building teachers knowledge to scaffold instruction to enhance student literacy skills.
6. To improve knowledge and ability to interpret text level of reading materials, and differentiate instruction based on students’ needs.
7. To apply 21st century technologies into existing curriculum to enhance learning for students.
8. To design a classroom that creates an environment for learning based on best practice in Backward Design.

Required Reading for the course:

o Informed Choices for Struggling Adolescent Readers, by D. D. Deshler, A,S, Palisnesar, G. Biancarosa,a & M. Nair, International Reading Association
o What Really Matters in Response to Intervention Research Based Designs, by R/.Allington, Pearson
o The Fluent Reader by T. Rasinski, C. Blachowicz, and K. Lems, Scholastiocs
o Teaching Reading with Jamestown Strategies and Instruction by Jamestown Education, Glencoe Publisher
o Words their Way with Struggling Readers by Hayes, Pearson

Several journal articles and book citations will also be required. These will be provided:

o Effective Vocabulary Instruction by Joan Sedita
o Questioning the Author: A Yearlong Classroom Implementation to Engage Students with Text. Elementary School Journal, 96 (4), 386-412. Beck, I. L.McKeown, M. G., Sandora, C., Kucan, L., (1997)
o Reciprocal Teaching of Social Studies in Inclusive Elementary    Classrooms. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 33, (1). Lederer, Jeffrey. (2000)
o Struggling Adolescent Learners, (June 2005) J. Birsh,
o Adolescent Literacy: Addressing the Needs of Students on Grades 4-12, by Joan Sedita

About the Instructor

Barbara Kohn-Saxe is presently the Literacy Leader at Peoples Academy (5–12) for the Lamoille South Supervisory Union in Morrisville, VT. She completed her Masters in Education degree at St. Michael’s College in Special Education with an emphasis in Reading in 2002. She earned her Take One National Board certification in Literacy through the National Boards for Professional Teaching Standards 2010. She has worked as a Literacy Leader for the Department of Education, Reading Specialist/Consultant for Essex Junction and has extensive experience in adolescent literacy approaches and strategies for Content-Area Literacy and Intervention for Struggling Learners. She has taught graduate and undergraduate course at CCV and Union College in Children’s Literature, Intro to Special Populations and Content Literacy Strategies. Barbara is also Wilson ReadingLevel 1 certified.