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How to “Read and Write” in Math: Improving Problem Solving and Communication in Mathematics

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Course Description:
This course provides an in-depth exploration of teaching systematic approaches for solving math word problems and developing written communication skills to describe solution processes. Teachers will learn a wide range of strategies to develop students’ skills in the math problem-solving tasks of:
• comprehending the problem and identifying relevant data
• analyzing the problem’s internal structure to determine what type of problem it is
• selecting a viable solution process and carrying it out
• explaining the solution process both orally and in writing.

Course Objectives
Participants will:
• explore a wide range of instructional strategies for math problem solving and math communication
• learn to create exciting math lessons that are challenging and achievable for all your students
• find a focus on strategies that can be applied across all grade levels in mathematics
• learn practical ideas and instructional strategies that they can immediately use with their students
• look at teaching strategies that can help students accomplish the four main tasks of problem solving:
o understanding the problem and what it is asking
o analyzing the problem to determine its structure
o choosing a solution process and carrying it out correctly
o explaining that process, both orally and in writing

Instructor: Cathy Ross


How do I sign up?
Register as usual using the LAPDA Registration for REGISTER HERE. For graduate credit, Download the Grad Reg Form Here complete and submit the Union Institute Credit Registration form to LAPDA prior to commencing the course. Once your registration has been processed, which may take to a week, you will receive a course code via email from LAPDA with instructions on how to sign in to access the course. The course must be completed within 105 days. Upon completion, your grade will be submitted to Union Institute then you can request your transcript within 4 weeks.

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