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School Leadership in the Era of the Common Core

Appropriate for aspiring principals, new principals, teacher-leader and high school leadership teams

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This is the leader’s dilemma. On the one hand, failing to act when the environment around you is radically changing leads to extinction. On the other hand, making decisions under conditions of mind-racing mania can be equally fatal.
(Michael Fullan, Leading in a Culture of Change)

This course is open to aspiring principals, new principals, and veterans alike. It is also relevant to teacher-leaders and high school leadership teams. The course is flexible and will be adapted according to enrollment. It can be taken as a workshop, or, for graduate credit. Participants in this strand will learn about:

• Contemporary high school leadership: past, present, and the race (somewhere) into the future;
• Confronting ‘change’—or—‘How I learned to navigate the treacherous shoals of chaos and remain, reasonably, sane’;
• The 3Cs: Communication, Collaboration, and Collegiality—Aren’t they all the same?;
• Operational Nuts & Bolts—the 2-faced Janus, double-trouble danger of management;
• It’s About Learning: The Holy Grail of curriculum, assessment, and instruction;
• Google Apps for the administrator/leader.

This course is designed to be active; participants will engage with the complex, difficult, and altogether absorbing issues of high school leadership through simulation, case study, scenario, debate, video clip analysis, and interactive—and hopefully provocative—lecture/discussion. While resources in best practice will be evident throughout the workshop, practical experience and materials from the instructor’s 30-plus year career in high schools will be shared with participants.

Each participant will select a project to implement in the fall and bring back to present at the follow-up session. It is necessary to bring a laptop loaded with Google Chrome, and, to have a Google account. Most materials will be accessed via the instructor’s Google site.

About the Instructor

Following undergraduate work at Boston College in history, and graduate programs in history teaching, curriculum & instruction, and educational leadership at Bridgewater State College (a Horace Mann ‘Normal’ school) and St. Michael’s College, Jeff has spent the last 28 years working in three high schools and one technical center in two states. He has worked in large schools with diverse socio-economic demography, and he currently works in a small, high-performing/high expectations high school. Jeff has served as a teacher, teacher-leader, enrichment coordinator, director of curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and building principal. In addition, He has had the privilege to serve numerous professional committees, boards, and organizations at various organizational levels. He has conducted trainings and workshops in critical thinking, evaluation, and systemic school reform. Travels to India, South Korea and a dozen European countries on educational missions have provided him with a global perspective.