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Social Emotional Learning in a Personalized Learning Landscape

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Appropriate for grade K-12 educators

Course Description:
As Vermont schools work to develop more opportunities for personalizing the student experience, there are ever increasing needs for high quality instruction and assessment of transferable skills, none of which more important than the transferable skills of social emotional learning. While some schools may categorize these skills within phrases such as, habits of mind, habits of learning, or character growth, no matter the name, these skills serve as a necessary bedrock to build interesting and meaningful personalized learning upon. As such, This course will explore the social psychological theories of achievement, such as “grit”, self control, resilience, and growth mindset, that underlie student learning and make personalization possible. Additionally, the class will explore how to build a school culture that emphasizes these skills as fundamental components of success. The course will feature the latest research in adolescent brain development, student motivation, and
social psychological intervention and their relation to personalization.

1. Reflect on current and future practices that increase student achievement.
2. Develop a philosophy of teaching and learning that incorporates the idea of growth mindset.
3. Connect learned ideas to the opportunities of personalization.
4. Develop a plan for implementing strategies in classrooms and/or schools.
5. Create academic and nonacademic interventions that will increase student achievement and abilities to access to personalized learning experiences.

Michael McRaith is the principal of Montpelier High School. He is a 2013 Rowland Fellow with a research interest and expertise dedicated to increasing student achievement through social emotional learning. He offers online continuing educational courses to teachers around the state and routinely presents on related themes for schools’ professional learning sessions.