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Today’s Classrooms: Foundations of the Current Trends in Education

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Course Description:

This popular course will help you to create effective learning environments, understand different educational strategies, and how they can be implemented in the classroom. Topics include: Important concepts in American history, governmental policies, and best practices in classrooms across the nation; research on factors that influence student motivation; early childhood development theories, differentiated learnin
•To introduce course participants to American education, from its history and the governmental policies that have guided it, down to the actual workings within today’s classroom.
•To identify the leaders affecting public education, including those considered innovators.
•To discuss the development of a child, including the theories of Piaget, Vygotsky, Erikson and Kohlberg.
•To identify and address individual differences in learning and diversity in the classroom.
•To discuss the scientific approach to learning, including the behavioral, cognitive and constructivist theories.
•To identify the factors that influence motivation.
•To identify methods to create an environment that promotes better learning.
•To discuss traditional versus alternative methods of assessment.

Instructor: Koh Ikeda, Ed.D.


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Register as usual using the LAPDA Registration for REGISTER HERE. For graduate credit, Download the Grad Reg Form Here complete and submit the Union Institute Credit Registration form to LAPDA prior to commencing the course. Once your registration has been processed, which may take to a week, you will receive a course code via email from LAPDA with instructions on how to sign in to access the course. The course must be completed within 105 days. Upon completion, your grade will be submitted to Union Institute then you can request your transcript within 4 weeks.

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