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Leadership Team Study Groups


LAPDA is pleased to offer facilitated study group sessions for school or district level leadership teams. Each study group is customized to meet the needs and desires of the group. The structure for the study group is developed in consultation with a school/district planning team who determines the topic focus, the goals and general parameters for the group. Facilitated study groups typically range from 4-9 sessions. Study groups utilize the professional literature to provide some of the content for the group process. The local context always provides the rich and robust opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge participants acquire from the study group. Facilitated study groups are coordinated by Executive Director Dr. Robert Stanton. Bob is an adjunct faculty member in the Educational Leadership program at the University of Vermont. He served as a school administrator for 25 years.

A district example:

WSSU Focus: Assessment Literacy
The WSSU leadership team met as a study group on five occasions including the end of the year administrative retreat. Study group sessions were embedded as part of the regular administrative team meeting schedule. The group focused their efforts on studying the topic of assessment literacy with the goal of enhancing their skills and knowledge regarding classroom-based assessment. Study group materials included articles by Willard Daggett such as Achieving Academic Excellence through Rigor and Relevance as well as selected use of the text Classroom Assessment for Student Learning by Richard Stiggins.

Evaluation Results:
• Study group sessions: 4.6 (Excellent)
• Facilitator rating: 4.8 (Excellent)

Participant Quote:
“Almost our entire administrative team is new to the district, so we have not worked together long and most of our time together has had to focus on day-to-day and short term issues. This study group gave us the chance to look at big picture ideas and to learn more about working together.”

Facilitator Reflection:
“A new and emerging team really demonstrated that they are committed to improving their school districts instructional program. They chose assessment literacy as the leverage strategy to expand upon after spending a year working with the Danielson Framework of Teaching. I am really excited about the opportunity this team has to ensure that a rising tide does in fact lift all boats”.