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Mentoring Services for Administrators


LAPDA is pleased to offer mentoring support for building principals and central office administrators. Our mentoring services are coordinated by Executive Director Dr Robert Stanton, who served as a school administrator for 25 years at both the building and central office level. We believe that LAPDA sponsored administrator mentoring should be grounded in research and should be based on authentic practice. As out lead mentor, Bob utilizes a contextually responsive and confidential approach to mentoring that is designed to help each school administrator grow in their job while realizing the goals that they set for themselves and their school/organization. Bob has achieved national certification as a Principal’s mentor. He is a highly regarded and sought after mentor.

Evaluation Results:
• Mentee sessions: 4.9 (Excellent)
• Mentor rating: 5.0 (Excellent)

Participant Quote:
“The role of principal can be challenging because there isn’t always a person to talk about experiences you may encounter. This experience helped me reflect on my practice while providing me with support that a new principal would need. Bob helped me process through challenges so that I could learn from the experience and make a plan for moving forward. Every principal should have this experience!”

Facilitator Reflection:
“I loved every minute of this work. This is where one can really pursue the responsibility & challenge of leaving a leadership legacy.”