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About Our Courses & Workshops

LAPDA offers a wide variety of workshops and graduate courses each year based on the needs of our member districts and those seeking professional development in the field of education.

Specific workshop or course requests come primarily through our LAPDA Advisory Council, (a group of curriculum directors from our member districts) which meets on a monthly basis. Additional requests for training may come from our school superintendents who serve on the LAPDA Board of Directors or from the Vermont Agency of Education via grant proposals or contracts (RFP).


Courses We Offer

– Online Courses
– Customized Courses
Courses & Workshops

Every few years we conduct a regional “needs assessment” through survey monkey to solicit perceived trainings needs from the field at large. This gives individual teachers and local school administrators the opportunity to tell us what they would like to see us offer for training.

All course or workshop participants are also asked to identify their perceived training needs as part of our evaluation process that we utilize with all the professional development that we offer.


Fees for Courses

Our course offerings are market-driven based primarily on the expressed needs of our regional members. Fees are based on the actual costs of instructors, materials and administrative/overhead costs.

We keep our fees low by keeping our overhead low. This allows us to offer high quality professional learning at a considerably lower price than institutions of higher learning are able to charge.

Most multi-day LAPDA professional development can be accessed at rates that range from $750-$1000.  The additional cost for 3 graduate credits is typically $400, dependent on which partner institution is awarding the credits.

In general, three-credit graduate courses offered through LAPDA require 38-45 contact hours per course depending on the partner institution.



Fees for Workshops

Fees for single and multiple day workshops are based on the acknowledged expertise of the presenter, anticipated enrollment and LAPDA administrative and overhead costs.

Typically, workshop fees are $150-$350.