Tourism Travel Guide: Expect in Puerto Rico 2021

Take a Bioluminescent Bay Kayaking Tour

Be sure to book an excursion out to Bio Bay to witness one of the most beautiful natural phenomenons on Earth. Bio Bay is home to millions of bioluminescent organisms, which emit bluish light when agitated, and are quite stunning against the backdrop of the black Caribbean sea at night.

Tours leave in the early evening with a qualified instructor, so kayak your way through mangrove channels to the glowing waters!


Take a Short Flight  to Culebra Island

Hop on a short flight (or a longer, but cheaper, ferry ride) to Culebra Island, just seventeen miles east of the mainland of Puerto Rico. Culebra coaxes visitors from all over due to its beautiful beaches and nature reserves. Once you’ve arrived, rent a golf cart and explore!

The two must-see beaches on Culebra are Flamenco and Tamarindo. Oh, and you’ve got make sure to grab a drink at Mamacita’s!

Fans of wildlife flock to the island’s bird sanctuaries and turtle-nesting sites for a glimpse of rare fauna. The island also draws hikers, scuba divers, nature photographers, and regular beach-goers. Some of the beaches are even protected as Marine Wildlife Reserves.


Take a Dive

Since Puerto Rico is surrounded by the ocean, it serves as a great diving destination for avid and expert divers alike! Take an excursion out to Desesheo Island in the west, the Caves at Shaks beach, the Wall in the South, or Mona Island!

You’ll find incredible coral reefs and over 700 fish species that call Puerto Rico’s reefs, mangroves and seagrass environments home!


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