Beautiful Secret Destinations in Maui 2021

Make your next vacation in Hawaii the best, and enjoy all the special nooks and crannies that Maui has to offer. With the current and valuable insider’s knowledge that this article provides, trek off the beaten path and explore paradise to its fullest.

Enjoy creating noteworthy vacation memories that will inspire you for years to come. for choosing top activities on Maui. In this way, you and your family can safely maximize on all of the fun and adventure that Maui has to offer. A hui hou!

Sacred Garden of Maliko

The Sacred Garden of Maliko is a sweet Maui gem, a perfectly peaceful Hawaiian hideaway. Operated by the Divine Nature Alliance 501(c) 3 Charity, this location offers guests an invaluable vacation experience on Maui. Upon entering the Sacred Garden of Maliko, visitors can unwind and relax into an environment built upon cherishing Hawaiian flora and fauna.

One mission of the Sacred Garden is providing a place of rest for all people—open to all beliefs and faiths. The 2-level renovated greenhouse is abundant with gorgeous Hawaiian plant and tropical flower species. While walking through the greenhouse aisles, guests will be instantly mesmerized by each little decorative detail, strategically placed spiritual icons and positive messages. The Buddha Garden is garnished by a Buddha statue carved from a Monkeypod Tree and offers a quaint space for quiet time, meditation, and small workshops. As if this space isn’t already topping out on majestic vibes, guests are welcome to walk both their classical indoor 7-circuit Coral Labyrinth or the outdoor 11-circuit Medieval-style Labyrinth. When visiting the Sacred Garden of Maliko, definitely check out their gift shop, it is stocked full of locally made artwork, jewelry, books, healing stones, and special Maui gifts.

Paako Cove aka Secret Beach

Paako Cove, also known as Secret Beach in Makena, is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Hawaii. In fact, it is seldom visited, but the most popularly photographed beach in all of Hawaii. When exploring the South Side of Maui, travel towards Makena Beach and park at the 3rd (last) entrance.

Beach access is through two black lava rock walls, where you will find that heaven awaits you. The ocean here is protected and mostly calm, but please obey all high surf posting and warnings. Paako Cove offers one of the most fabulous snorkeling experiences in Maui, during the early morning and mid-day. Here, visitors and guests alike can see beautiful reef formations, colorful tropical fish, and vibrant sea beds. Throughout the day, it is common to see bodyboarding and skimboarding just off from the cove. This fact not only makes Secret Beach one of the most fascinating and intimate beaches in Maui but also one that provides an amazing visual display of Maui’s best water athletes.

Nakalele Blowhole

Just off Highway 30 in West Maui resides a spectacular natural wonder called the Nakalele Blowhole. The blowhole is a result of a deteriorating shoreline below a lava shelf, where each wave of water is pushed into a hole in the lava, creating a geyser-like occurrence.

This spot is a beautiful Maui gem to visit while taking a scenic tour of West Maui, driving North of Kapalua towards Wailuku. Two hiking trails access the Nakalele Blowhole, one that begins from a gravel parking lot near mile marker 38, and the second past mile marker 38 noted by a red dirt pullout on the side of the road. Each hike is approximately 30 minutes to the Nakalele Blowhole, but it is possible to see the blowhole from the 2nd hike entrance marked by a light beacon. We recommend that hikers use extreme caution, be conscious of rogue wave conditions, and wear proper footwear to travel through the rocky terrain safely. During your next vacation in Maui, maximize on all activities possible, and savor out the unique coastal beauty of the most beautiful island in the world.

The Makawao Forest aka Kahakapao Trail

Visit Maui’s enchanted Makawao Forest for a calm walk through woods, an adventurous hike through nature, or a thrilling bike ride in Hawaii. When hiking or biking on Maui, all participants are gifted with a truly sensational experience, especially when journeying through the Kahakapao Trail.

This forest offers a genuine outdoor vacation experience for everyone and is at the very top of Piiholo Road. The 5.2-mile Kahakapao Loop provides picnic tables on both the East and West sides of the trail, making it easy to pack a lunch, stop, rest and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Throughout the Makawao Forest, see wild Koa, young Redwoods, Cook Pines, Eucalyptus varieties, Rasberry bushes, and sweet fragrant Ginger plants. The temperature at this elevation is colder than at sea level, allowing for a calm and comfortable morning or afternoon. After this fun adventure in Upcountry Maui, travel to Makawao Town, a historically famous Maui Paniolo (cowboy) town. Here, guests can stroll the area shopping at a selection of ‘singular’ Maui boutiques and galleries, and dine at delicious restaurants like the Makawao Steak House and Market Fresh Bistro.
Makawao Forest Reserve

When exploring Maui’s hiking trails, make sure to hike with a buddy, and stay on the trails. It’s also best to hike in the morning hours, so you have plenty of time to return to your vehicle before sunset. Don’t forget to bring drinking water, snacks, sunscreen, a charged cell phone, and it’s always a good idea to wear sturdy hiking shoes.

Kaupo Store

The Kaupo Store is situated along Highway 31 on Maui, right at mile marker 35, a Historical Maui Landmark. Initially opened by merchant Nicholas Soon in 1925, the Kaupo Store was your typical country-style Hawaiian general store. It was one of the only places on the map of the coastal fishing village of Kaupo. Here is where nearby residents and farmers could buy supplies and make catalog orders.

Today, the Kaupo Store embodies a real sense of ‘Old Hawaii’ nostalgia and is one of the few remaining Hawaiian-style mom-and-pop businesses. Family owned and operated, this off-the-grid store provides the much-needed refreshments, snacks and locally made arts and crafts for road-trippers, and a chance to be immersed in one of Maui’s most gorgeous landscapes. At this Maui gem, visitors also have a rare opportunity to take a step back into time and view a collection of antique collectibles from the turn of the century; collections of antique cameras, tools, household items, and Kaupo Store’s infamous crank-style cash register. Owners Linda and Manny Domen, have made the Kaupo Store their personal mission of historical preservation. Hawaii residents and visitors are appreciative of their success, and their place in the Upcountry community. This old-time Maui favorite is a charming rest-stop liken to an oasis when venturing to and from Hana and East Maui locales.

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